Advanced Level

  • This level is divided into three major areas of investigation: The Psychology and the Blind-spots of Awakening, The Way of the Heart, and Essential Identity. The study material for the course includes a number of texts written by experts, three mandatory text books, practical tools and techniques, excerpts from other books, recommended readings from a bibliography, articles, interviews, videos, online conferences, interaction in the virtual classroom, and practice sessions with the tutor and other students.

Psychology of awakening

  1. Integration of psychology and spirituality
  2. The power of silence and observation
  3. Personality and the core identity
  4. Conscious listening
  5. Point Process: the healing power of breath
  6. Point Process: the healing power of presence
  7. Depression as the loss of heart
  8. Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety
  9. Meditation and Resting as awareness
  10. The troubles of the mind: thoughts and emotions
  11. Befriending emotions (focusing)
  12. Integration


The Way of the Heart

  1. Heart intelligence
  2. Breathing, trauma and sensory integration
  3. Speaking from observation
  4. Recapitulation of structures, forms, and functions             


Essential Identity

  1. Conscious relations and vulnerability
  2. Open, receptive, and allowing
  3. Resting as awareness and compassion
  4. Transpersonal Forgiveness 1
  5. Transpersonal Forgiveness 2
  6. Messengers of the transpersonal
  7. Spiritual bypassing
  8. Psychopathologies
  9. Big Mind and subpersonalities
  10. Quantum physics and awareness
  11. Death, dying and living wills
  12. Accompanying the terminally ill
  13. Final recapitulation


Techniques and tools for the consultant

    1. Holoscopic BreathingUsing hyperventilation and evocative music to access biographical self-knowledge, as well as prenatal and transpersonal experiences



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