Foundation Level


    1. Transpersonal Consulting
      1. The counselor as a companion of souls
      2. Crises as opportunities
      3. The healing power of awareness
    2. Transpersonal Psychology
      1. Psychology and spirituality
      2. Currents of thought and schools in Western Psychology
      3. From the personal to the transpersonal
      4. The Evolutionary Ladder: from Neanderthal to Homo amans
    3. Transpersonal Meditation
      1. Meditation as therapy
      2. The healing power of mindfulness
    4. Self-Esteem
      1. The importance of an integrated, observed, and confident awareness
      2. Cultivating unconditional confidence
    5. Losses and Mourning in Life
      1. The liberating power of full acceptance
      2. Therapeutic exercises for patients in mourning
    6. The Body
      1. The body as a temple and an expression of the self
      2. Development in comprehensive health through fasting,
        physical exercise, and conscious nutrition
    1. Discovering and Accepting the Psychological Shadow
      1. A conscious pilgrimage into the depths of fear
      2. Expressions of irritability and exaggeration as paths
        towards self-discovery
    2. The Witnessing Awareness
      1. Resting as awareness as a tool for change and transformation
      2. The internal observer as a neutral witness
    3. Technology of the New Person
    4. Mindfulness
      1. Full attention to the present moment
    5. Investigating the Liberating Effects of Forgiveness
    6. Family Systems Therapy: Family Constellations
      1. The orders of love
      2. Working with the family system
    7. Integrating Sensory Emotions
      1. Recognizing opportunities: an everyday objective
      2. Developing awareness of one’s progress and delusions
  1. Partnered relationships
    1. Separation and renewal
    2. Sexual integration
    3. Blindspots
    4. Body, soul, and spirit: a comprehensive embrace
    5. Tantra: sexuality and spirituality
  2. Sexual Abuse
    1. Therapeutic approaches to heal psychological wounds
    2. Behavioral indications of child abuse
  3. Positive Psychology
    1. Building a positive and happy mind
    2. A psychological approach to virtues and strengths
  4. Legal Aspects of the Counseling Profession
    1. How to engage your own counseling practice

    1. Presence in Emotion and FocusingUsing movement to express sensations felt in the body in order to process situations and to find solutions
    2. Conscious ListeningListening to oneself and others with complete presence, awareness, and equanimity
    3. Bringing forth the DemonsA meditative dialogue technique used to bring forth one’s shadow aspects in order to convert them into allies of self-knowledge and growth
    4. Self-Compassion MeditationA meditative technique used to connect with the feeling of self-compassion
    5. The Therapeutic ChairA technique used to practice holding authentic transpersonal consulting sessions
    6. Exercises in ForgivenessA series of tools and exercises that make deep forgiveness possible

  1. Shadow-Light Technique for CouplesA method used to investigate couple relationships
  2. Re-creating One´s Own DeathA practice from the Buddhist tradition for experiencing detachment from the body/physical identity and thus connect with the un-born and infinite identity of the self
  3. One Year to LiveA metaphoric exercise to experience what it means to have only one year of life left – an investigation into pending personal issues and relevant aspects about life and living that are buried in one´s subconscious
  4. Big Mind: Dialogue with the Internal VoicesAn innovative technique developed by the Zen master Genpo Roshi and endorsed by Ken Wilber for reaching transpersonal fulfillment and a complete integration of the personality
  5. Mental DietAn exercise for developing awareness of one´s own mental currents in order to positively restructure existing thought patterns

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